Partnerships & Engagement

Mohamad Saddiqi

Partnerships & Engagement

“Social Enterprises offer an inspiring future – a more socially-responsible economy. I am excited to make this dream a reality!”

Mohamad Saddiqi engages with social enterprises across diverse industries and social impact areas, helping them to navigate the dynamic social enterprise landscape. He is part of the Community & Advisory Team, providing advice to SEs in their business model and help towards creating meaningful social impact.

His career experience spans across a variety of areas such as corporate communications, media relations, stakeholder engagement, managing a youth grant fund, membership administration and events management – all of which prove invaluable in his current role of assisting SEs step up to their myriad of challenges.

Saddiqi also serves as a grassroots leader and is a toastmaster member, where he has taken on mentoring roles and spearheaded initiatives aimed at uplifting the community.