Social Finance

Mark Sayer

Social Finance

“Facilitating the growth of raiSE’s investment portfolio enables inspiring social entrepreneurs to achieve their social missions in a financially sustainable manner.”

Mark Sayer draws from his extensive experience and background in the social sector to help manage and grow raiSE’s investment portfolio.

Mark has over two decades of international investment banking and private equity experience. In recent years, he has provided advisory and investment services to many social entrepreneurs as well as managing a family office’s social enterprise direct investment portfolio. His understanding of both the social and economic drivers of social enterprises enables him to appreciate their challenges and work with them within the raiSE portfolio management structure to assist in their growth.

Mark is also the CFO of AVPN, a unique funders’ network based in Singapore committed to building a vibrant and high impact social investment community across Asia. He is a board member of various social enterprises and charitable organisations, including Halogen Foundation, a Singaporean IPC charity.