Nature of Business: Fashion & Retail
Areas of Impact: Provision of employment opportunities


About Us

BitsGreat is a personalised gifts company with the overarching mission to be a sustainable global social enterprise that supports and advocates for equal opportunity to education.

BitsGreat supports their mission by selling pixelated photo art made from tiny building blocks “Bits” (similar to Lego).

The focus on education is inspired by the founders’ personal experiences of financial struggles during their schooling years. They personally experienced how education can be a powerful tool to empower individuals and are motivated to help youths who are in similar plights as they were.

Products & Services

BitsGreat sells customised pixelated photo art kit made from building blocks. It comes with everything you need to build and display your very own pixelated portrait.

We can turn any of your pictures or logos into beautiful art of made from building blocks. The artwork can be small enough to fit your desk or be big enough to fill your wall!

The BitsGreat Kit suits all ages and all gifting occasions. You can check out how your favourite pictures turns to art at


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