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Nature of Business: Professional Services
Areas of Impact: Provision of employment opportunities

Acestes Pte Ltd

About Us

Acestes was set up in 2014 to provide a one-stop solution for insurance claims adjusting, investigation and security. Besides top quality security services, Acestes also targets to provide high-end technological solutions such a total integrated security systems and surveillance equipment to our clients.

Acestes seeks to be a platform for the urban poor to improve their livelihood and regain their self-respect through stable jobs and increasing real income in the security industry. Through our 100% local recruitment policy and progressive business practices, we aim to help the urban poor break out of their chain of poverty. We also aim to motivate youths from lower income families with sports and educational opportunities so that their potential can be fully developed through our partnership with several non-profit organisations and charities. At Acestes, we believe that every person is gifted in a special way that God has created them to be. We believe that with proper training and nurturing, every one wants and can be the best of themselves and fulfill their fullest potential. Call us today to customize training for you, your team or your organization !

Products & Services

Acestes provides a wide range of services in the insurance claims adjusting, investigation and security industry.

Claims adjusting services include:
- Motor claims adjusting
- Property damage survey & adjustment
- Third party direct settlement
- Insurance accident investigation
- Workman injury investigation & surveillance

Investigation services include:
- Surveillance
- Due diligence
- Locate missing persons
- Personal conduct check
- Theft investigation
- Matrimonial check
- Employee background check
- Brand protection
- Polygraph

Security services include:
- Supply of security manpower for property, events & bodyguards
- Children protection
- Security management & consultation
- Security equipment & integrated system
- Software security
- Cyber security
- Event management

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