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raiSE_Social_Enterprise_Arena_EDM Event - raiSE's Social Impact Arena @ ELDEX 2019

raiSE's Social Impact Arena @ ELDEX 2019

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Meet our 6 Social Enterprise Members at raiSE's Social Impact Arena!
Caregiver Asia, Coddle Health, Emmaus Strategies, Generation Connects, Health Partners and HMI Institute of Health Sciences.

Eldex Eldercare Exhibition & Conference Asia 2019 is an inaugural trade and consumer exhibition which will be held from 8 – 10 November 2019 at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre for the rapidly growing eldercare industry. It aims to present a comprehensive spectrum of new and innovative solutions, products, services and technology by leading manufacturers and brands from around the world for the rapidly aging Asian societies and bring together healthcare service providers, venture capitalists, therapists, caregivers and healthcare professionals for a medical conference, workshops and tradeshow and estimates 5000 trade visitors across 3 days.
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