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"From Stress to Zest"

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The numbers are in; burnout is no respecter of age, gender, social-economic status etc. This is especially so as we navigate through the effects of COVID-19 on our personal and work lives.

This carefully designed talk helps participants to explore questions including:

○ What is stress? Is the same as burnout?
○ Do I, my loved one and/or colleagues have burnout?
○ How does one begin to take steps to prevent or overcome burnout?

Hear from James, the Lead Thrive-Synergist & Founder of a local social enterprise on how to grow and thrive through building mental resilience with the 5S strategies.

We are also able to do a complimentary run of the webinar for companies *. Do get in touch with us at for more information.

* One complimentary talk per organization for a minimum of 15 persons, and a maximum of 40 persons on our e-learning platform (accessible via a unique training join link for each participant, no downloads needed). A limited number of complimentary talks slots will be made available each month, subjected to Emmaus Strategies’ selection and availability.
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