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Inclusive Service Delivery for Customers with Special Needs & Persons with Disabilities

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Ever wonder how to provide inclusive service provider for persons with Special Needs? Increase your sales & clientele segent by making it inclusive!

Many people in customer-facing roles worry about serving people with disability and special needs. A recent report released by Sense,found that a quarter (26%) of front serving staff admitted to intentionally avoiding conversations with people with disability, citing ‘fear of causing offence’, ‘feeling uncomfortable’, or ‘not knowing what to talk about’ as the main reasons why.

When businesses actively improve their ability to welcome people with disability as employees, customers, and stakeholders, they are opening their doors to more than 150, 000 people in Singapore experiencing disability. It makes good business sense to be accessible and inclusive.
ONLINE! This event will be going ahead online via video teleconferencing - we very much hope you can join us @ ZOOM

About this Workshop
Inclusive Service Delivery for Persons with Special Needs aims to explore and cover on 3 Main Topics:
1) Seizing the untapped clientele: Why Inclusive Service Delivery can increase sales
a. Lack of Inclusive Service Providers
b. Substantial Number of Customer Pool
c. Demand for Inclusive Products & Services
2) Understanding Inclusive Service Delivery
a. Definitions of Special Needs and Delivery
b. Singapore Social Disability Model for Business Owners & Service Providers
c. Inclusive Services Demand and Potential
3) How to develop, implement and deliver inclusive service delivery
a. Identifying Barriers to Inclusion
b. Developing Inclusive Services
c. Delivering Inclusive Services

Hi! Social Services will discuss the challenges, possibilities, and the potential of bridging demand to products & services the market has to offer.

- What does it mean to be inclusive?
- How can we repackage your products & services to be inclusive?
- How can being inclusive stay relevant in time to come?
- Which service & products areas can we improve on?
- When can promote our inclusive products & services?
- Why is there a need for inclusive products & services?

This event will take place from Saturday 25th July 2020 from 2 pm to 4 pm.
Webinar @ Zoom joining instructions will be sent to registered participants at least one week in advance of the event.

SPEAKERS: Mr Iskandar Shah Ismail, Executive Director Hi! Social Services
Mr. Iskandar Shah is founder of Hi! Social Services and Chairman of Disabled People’s Association Inclusion Ambassador Working Committee. He has been working with persons with disabilities & Special Needs and trained in counselling & Psychology to better provide and advocate Inclusive Service Delivery for Persons with Special Needs. Iskandar is an active contributor to society as a grassroot leader and this enabled him to convey Inclusion for persons with special needs. Serving as a Special Olympics Coach and being a Training Officer for his intellectually disabled clients spurred Iskandar to develop Inclusion & Advocacy Programmes under Hi! Social Services to increase community & society awareness to Special Needs & Inclusion.
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