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Online Home-Farming 101

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All you need to grow & enjoy organic fresh vegetables, from the comfort of your home

If you have always wanted to grow your own food, but haven't started, or started with little success. This is for you!

We provide a starter kit with planter box, soil, baby plants, and everything else you need to do your own seedlings with ease. It is also a perfect bonding activity for all generations in the family. Yes! one ticket covers for all :)

2 Hands-on Live Webinar Workshops (we don’t do pre-recorded as it’s simply not as effective!)
✔️ Small groups to ensure quality interaction and individual progress review
✔️ How to prepare the soil for planting – create an intimate relationship with the soil so it can produce good food for you?
✔️ How to handle seedlings and placing in the planter box to create an optimal environment for the plants to thrive
✔️ How to water and care for the plants
✔️ Review of progress in between sessions
✔️ How to grow your own seedlings

What is included in the Starter Kit
✔️ 1 styrofoam planter box
✔️ 10kg of organic top soil, pre-mixed with organic materials, cocopeat and chick manure
✔️ 1 type of seedlings (Baby plants)
✔️ 2 types of seeds
✔️ 325g peat moss
✔️ 1 egg crate

Whatsapp Group Support
✔️ To learn from fellow home-farmers, share your progress, celebrate your wins, and ask any questions directly to the facilitator.

Experience the joy of growing your own food, harvesting, and enjoying the fruit of your labor. Introductory price for our first public-run!

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Through this home farming programme, we hope to encourage participants to relook into the relationships humans have with both soil and food; and develop a deeper appreciation and gratitude for the abundance of food we get to enjoy.
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