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Social Impact Assessment - How to Measure & Scale Your Success

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Join this course if you are an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, who wants to learn how to define if you are on the right track to social impact success. In this workshop, we will provide you with a clear step-by-step process to start capturing and tracking your social impact, while getting you ready for future evaluation with more sophisticated methodology to communicate with your intended stakeholders.

About the workshop:

This is a 3h-workshop. This course is delivered in small group to foster interaction, let attendees work on their specific models and get individualised feedback from the trainer, therefore it has a limited seats available.

Discount available for this workshop: early bird (-20%) & "Group Ticket" (-40%) when you sign up with minimum 2 persons.

Join us if:

You want to know if you are actually making an impact in the works that you do
You want to leverage social impact assessment tools to improve the effectiveness of your works
You want to allocate your resources to the right activities to generate maximum impact
You want to communicate your impact effectively to your stakeholders

Expected outcomes:

Understand what is social impact assessment and its significance
Define relevant social impact indicators for your business/initiative
Formulate a clear plan to track and articulate your social impact

Specifically, based on the challenge you are tackling and your goals, we will work with you on creating / updating your Logic Model*, to identify the appropriate social impact outputs and outcomes that you should track. Subsequently, we will guide you on translating these outputs and outcomes into measurable metrics, and share with you the tools you could use to start tracking them.

*Logic Model: A visual way to show the linkages among the resources you have to operate your social impact business/initiative, the activities you plan and the changes or results you seek to achieve, i.e. the outputs and outcomes.
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