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#SOIMPACT Bootcamp Edition 6

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#SOIMPACT Bootcamp Edition 6: A unique 3-week bootcamp, the fastest way to validate your idea!

For true social changemakers, no idea is too little. With the power of community, small ideas can turn into real change. Let us bring out the social changemaker in you with the #SOIMPACT Bootcamp! The Top 3 teams will get up to $3,000 co-matching fund^ each, with a chance to additional grant opportunities!

Kickstart small ideas into action and bring about real change today. Only ten teams will be selected for the bootcamp. The #SOIMPACT Bootcamp is a series organised by *SCAPE and UNFRAMED.

-Validate or invalidate your idea
-Iterate your idea: User testing, gather feedback, reiterate (at least twice)
-Obtain community buy-in (crowdfunding, validation of idea)
-Join a community of changemakers and meet like-minded people

WHO: Students or young professionals aged between 15 and 35 years old and have identified a clear social or environmental challenge.

WHY: Looking to have an impact by tackling an existing social or environmental challenge, relevant to Singapore, and to the region.

WHAT: Have an idea, initiative or prototype, to address this challenge and that requires validation.

HOW: With a team willing to commit part-time to develop the initiative further, with all core members available on Key Dates (Check full website for more info on the Key Dates).
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