raise_impact_finance raiSE Impact Finance

raiSE is a sector developer where one of its role is to provide impact funding to social enterprises with a clear social mission to address human-centred social needs within a sustainable business model.

What is raiSE Impact Finance?

raiSE Impact Finance (RIF) is focused on providing capital to Singapore-based social enterprises with a clear social mission to address human-centred social gaps and needs within a sustainable business model, clear intent and motivation among founder(s) and management team to achieve the social mission. With a focus on impact-first funding, the primary outcome RIF hopes to achieve is a demonstrable increase in the breadth and/or depth of social impact created via its funding.

What We Invest In?

The RIF seeks out investments into SEs:

  • With innovative solutions to address social gaps and tackle social issues
  • That provide training and employment to the disadvantaged groups
  • That provide strategic value in developing the social sector

RIF does not invest in businesses that engage in activities for the purpose of promoting or furthering political, religious or individual beliefs.
At present, RIF does not invest into businesses with solely an environmental focus or those that focus predominantly on impact outside of Singapore.

What We Provide?

RIF provides investment capital with a preference in convertible loans.

What We Ask For

  • We seek out investments into SEs with founders and/or management team that display positive motivation and demonstrate commitment to the social mission
  • SEs must present a measurable and scalable social impact plan. We aim for our investments to achieve at least 3-5% annual financial returns
  • Our preferred investment horizon is 3-5 years

If you meet our investment criteria, we want to hear from you. Please complete this form and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..