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Planning a Financial road map to optimise your Business Advantage

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Join this course if you are an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, who wants to:
-Create a solid business model for your product or service, and learn how to track and make project financials for sound business decisions
-Develop your financial knownledge into a skill, and be able to apply these financial tools on your daily job

About the course:

This course is delivered in small group to foster interaction, let attendees work on their specific models and get individualised feedback from the trainer, therefore it has a limited seats available.

Special: this course has received funding from Skills Future, so you can use your Skills Future credits to pay for the course (Only applicable on full fee- General admission tickets). See details below.

Please bring along your personal laptop for the hands-on activities.


This course is run over 2 days, and includes:
Day 1: As per the timing advertised on this page
Day 2: Business Modelling session

Expected outcomes:

Create a solid business model for your product or service. Learn how to create, deliver and capture value from your products/services
Understand what investors typically ask about business model, key metrics to stay on track and for effective communications with your stakeholders, as well as help to refine your differentiation to stay relevant.
Understand the different types of financial statements and how it gives you a view of the business (e.g. income statements, cash flow, balance sheet)
Get hands-on exercises in creating a financial model and financial projections for your business
Learn how to track and make financial projections with a financial model

Part 1 (9am-12pm): Introduction to Financial Modelling: building solid financial projections (3h)

Introduction to Financial Modelling
Income Statement
Financial Schedules
Case studies

Part 2 (1pm-5pm): Financial Statement & application of Financial Modelling (4h)

This part also includes an additional 1 hour for practical exercise, where each attendee will put into practice the learning of the day specific to their own business/project, and reviewed by the trainer. We are also scheduling a 30min entrepreneur sharing on the topic of financials, to have a real case study of start-ups using the models.

Building Credible Assumptions
Cash flow
Balance sheet
Entrepreneur sharing
Getting Started with Financial Modelling
Practical: Financial Model and Projection presentation

Part 3: Building & tracking your business model & understanding what Investors look for (3h)

Building your Business Model
Learn how investors think
Business and Industrial metrics to track your business

About the Facilitator:


Tomithy Too works with ST Telemedia, a long-term strategic investor in the Telecommunications, Data Centre and high-tech companies. He loves strategy and working with amazing teams to do great things. Prior to ST Telemedia, he was with IIX and Shujog, and responsible for identifying various institutional investors in social venture funds and curating of deals for the investment pipeline.


"One of the best [Business Modelling] workshops!" - Li Kunqi, Co-founder of CaptionCube

“The session was very practical, coupled with the hands-on interaction and concrete examples given aids in clearer understanding. I am looking forward to a follow-up session with UNFRAMED to visualise the concrete end-product/goal.” - Nasrul, Co-Founder of Project Nomad

"UNFRAMED (workshop) has delivered more than what I have expected." - Melvin Wong, Digital Delivery Manager at GSK Consumer Healthcare
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