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It's not easy to run a successful crowdfunding, but it’s not rocket science either. In collaboration with, UNFRAMED has launched a first-of-its-kind crowdfunding site for social entrepreneurs to raise the visibility and support for their initiatives.
We will cover how to shape the initiatives you wish to fundraise, the pledge amount & strategy, marketing & outreach to effectively deliver your campaign throughout the crowdfunding period. What's more, you will get the chance to launch your campaign on the spot with our support!
This session is great for anyone looking to test and raise support for their social impact ideas/intiatives, or simply want to learn more about the crowdfunding model.

Important: Come with your laptop, some ideas of your storylines and relevant pictures, so you won't miss the chance to launch your campaign right away!

Expected Outcomes
-Find out how to maximise crowdfunding model for your social impact initiatives with technology
-Get practical advice for running and monitoring your crowdfunding campaign
-Create your crowdfunding immediately with our crowfunding expert's support

-Welcome & introduction
-Guest Speaker sharing
-Impact of technology on crowdfunding
-Ways to fundraise online and best practices
-Launching your crowdfunding on

About the Speaker
Aseem Thakur, Co-founder, GIVE.Asia

Aseem started Give.Asia in 2009 with the aim of making online giving "more accessible, seamless and social". Give.Asia has since raised over S$18.2 million dollars from 1.2 million backers for mostly Singapore based fund-raising campaigns. Give.Asia was also a nominated finalist for the President's Challenge Social Enterprise of the Year (2017).
In 2014, Aseem and co-founder Yu Ming also started software development and design agency Givola Labs, an innovation consultancy that does “interesting projects with interesting people”. The illustrious company gained clients like UBS, Metlife, A*Star and WPP within a year.

Dennis Yeo, Chief Development Officer, GIVE.Asia

Dennis Yeo is a social change maker with extensive fundraising, sales and marketing experiences working with a diverse range of internal and external stakeholders across both private and public sectors. He is adept at channel and relationship management, project management, with solid track record of using research, analysis, strategic planning and negotiation skills to identify and maximize opportunities and deliver results, while minimizing cost and driving continuous change. He currently manages GIVE.Asia, a crowdfunding platform that revolutionized the philanthropy sector in Asia. GIVE.Asia is the only 100% free to use service with the aim to deliver the most social impact possible from every bit of contributions made.
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